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    Post  Nick on Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:38 pm

    Rules to the Site

    1. Do not ask or beg to be a mod, because if you do, then you won't be one.
    2. I will appoint 2 mods (one for each team)
    3. Do not cuss
    4. Do not make threats
    5. No godmodding, because it is annoying, rude, stupid, and if you do it more than 3 times, you will never be a mod
    6. No giving out specific details about yourself (the last thing we want is some 61 year old pervert here trying to figure out what everyone looks like, and the exact position of where they live, because if that happens, then you're on your own)

    Rules to the Challenges
    1. Only post in your teams side, unless there is only one side
    2. One member from the losing team will be eliminated and will never be allowed to return to the competition (but you can still hang out here)
    3. Unless I say so, then roll the dice ONCE in your post
    EDIT: I'm editing this because I didn't think I would actually need to explain this, but apparently I do...
    4. FOLLOW THE GODDAMN RULES! 3 warnings and you will be DQ'd from the challenge!

    Rules to Voting off
    1. You will send votes to me via PM
    2. If there is a tie, I will roll a dice, whatever name comes up, thats the person that leaves
    3. The winning team will come up with a consensus on 3 people on the losing team up for elimination, you will vote for one of those 3. If the winning team doesn't give me a majority for all 3 people, then the losing team will vote for anyone
    4. Unless I say so, you are voting for the person you want to LEAVE
    5. I won't post the outcome of the votes, but if you want to know, then PM me and I'll tell you

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